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We Are the Plague

We Are the Plague

We Are the Plague is an original piece of hand embroidery. 


It is completely covered in hand stitching and then has paint and Lutradur added to create a textured piece based on the Fukushima disaster. The piece shows what remains of a building fron Fukushima and it is overlaid with a representation of the twisted remains of the structures from inside the damaged nuclear plant. 


It is designed to look like the tattered remains of a picture that might have been used to promote the use of nuclear power, but all that remains of that image is this tattered fragment.


The piece is called "We are the Plague" It is named after a song by Combichrist and this title sums up how I feel about how humans can behave. When you see how many nuclear accidents, near misses and actual disasters that there have been, it is just a matter of time before the Earth can get on with healing without us.


The piece is made from reclaimed materials, and is framed in a hoop that measures 6". It is ready to hang.


Free international postage.



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