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Flower Pot Crochet Pattern

Flower Pot Crochet Pattern

These flower pots come in three sizes, the small is about 4cm wide and 4cm high, the medium one is about 8cm wide and 6cm high, the large one is about 11cm wide by 8cm high. They are made in hemp yarn, but they work just as well in acrylic yarn. They are made in double knitting yarn with a size 3.5mm hook.

You can add any decoration you like, I have shown stripes on one pot as an example, but you could make spots, embroider patterns on, whatever you fancy.


What Can I Do With My Flower Pot?


Put pens or crochet hooks and use it as a desk tidy
Add a lid and stuff to make a pin cushion
You could use the rim as a handle instead to make a basket

Thimble holder
The only limit is your imagination!


If you have any questions, please contact me

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